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Just as every sign, every planet and every house in Astrology has its own energy and resonance, so do each of the astrological ages. Each age has an overall theme with its own universal lessons.

In the Age of Pisces, humanity learned about dualities. We learned about the duality of good and evil, power and the lack of power. Many took control and power over others, while their subjects suffered in silence.

We were also taught the concept of a God who was sacrificed, and that we must pay for our sins and serve others to make penance.  This was an age of atonement for past sins and sacrifice in the now to reap the rewards of Heaven.  This was an age where our greatest heroes were sacrificed and martyred.

The Aquarian Age, which is fast approaching, has a vastly different energy and expression. Some believe that we are already in the early stages of this age and its energy is already being felt.

“This is an exciting time. I believe we stand at the edge of a new age – a Golden Age – of freedom that will rival any of the great eras of world history because it will be the entire world itself that is changing.” ~ Joe Lieberman

This is the age of the Universal Man, where we become co-creators with God, and/or the Universe. We are beginning to wake up to our full potential and are able to attain the heights of our abilities.  Each individual now has the opportunity to learn to recognize their full potential and finds ways to fully express it. This is the age where we have the potential of literally creating “Heaven on Earth”, as the ancient seers prophesied.

Today, in these early stages of this promising new age, we are at long last awakening to our full power and  oneness with all.  We have the opportunity to put aside the ways of warring, fighting and greed, and be open to the possibility of fully uniting as one great being which is at once separate and whole.

We now have the opportunity to bring the higher spiritual vibration of Heaven to Earth. We are learning to combine our spiritual side with our material side. We are learning to see with one vision. We are learning to function with a whole brain instead of left or right brain. This unification and Oneness is where our true genius and power lies.